AVINTOUR is the event and receptive agency of Gard land, specialized in oeno-tourism, in Nîmes since 2012.
Our oeno-tour agency is meant to create for you gourmet itineraries, all inclusive, fitted to your desires and endlessly customizable.
The art of combining small epicure pleasures to local cultural discoveries

Your prefered contact: Hélène NOGUEIRA

Graduate Oenologist (Toulouse uc national diploma of oenology).
Bordeaux uc wine marketing master
Passionate for the oeno-world and in love with the Gard land.

Hélène is fully dedicated to receiving and addressing your inquiries.

Tel : +33 (0)6 23 13 58 80


Registration Atout France N°IM030130001

This registration is mandatory for tour operators to be allowed to sell stays or round trips in France or abroad. It guarantees the professional competence of managers, as well as the professional liability insurance of the Agency and the financial coverage for customers.

Financial Guarantie: €100 000 APST Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme.

In combination with an Atout France registration, a financial guarantee is required for a minimum coverage of €100 000.It serves customers/consumers in case of financial failure of the agency.