On your request, we can organize for you activities related to wine. (Clic here to contact us

Our oenologist will pass onto you his passion and share his knowledge with you.

For one half day, you'll discover the art of wine tasting, and wind up your tasting buds. Wine, wine making, vine growing, and so on , the whole universe of wine won't have any more secret for you!


Introduction to tastingfrom 40€/attendee for a group of 10 people minimum.

  • Learning how to taste red wines,
  • Learning how to taste white wines,
  • Understanding what is a rose wine,
  • Discovering varieties,
  • Playing with aromas …

Theme tasting: from 70€/attendee for a group of 8 people minimum.

  • Wines and cheeses,
  • Wines and chocolates,
  • The  « ORGANIC »,...

Other activitiesfrom 70€/attendee for a group of 8 people minimum.

  • Pictures of wine,
  • Philosophical discussions about wine,
  • Exotic wines...

Workshops: from 80€/ attendee for a group of 8 people minimum.

  • Cooking and wine,
  • I create my wine,
  • Where does wine come from? …

Please feel free to sbmit your projects and we’ll organisze the event that will suit you!

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