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At La Table d'Alexandre

Restaurant de caractère | Duché d'Uzès AOP

Between two visits of picturesque Gard land villages, take advantage from our swimming pool, with its long chairs in summer time for a well-deserved rest and also from our restaurant   "A La Table d'Alexandre" which cuisine combines tradition and creativity to exalt flavors and fragrances…

Our establishment is a good taste activist and a member of the brotherhood of the restaurant business in the Gard land.

Château Mourgues du Grés

Domaine viticole | AOP Costières de Nîmes

This vineyard used to belong to the Ursulines convent in Beaucaire before the French revolution, hence its name  " Mourgues " (nuns in Provençal language), and " Grès " means " pebble ". In the yard,  Dans la cour, the sundial bears the motto " SINE SOLE NIHIL " (nothing without sun). This sunshine offers optimum  maturities for a wine naturally  rich and balanced.

The  " Costières de Nîmes " terroir is mainly made of est essentiellement composé quaternary alluvium from the Alps.It is right on the southern part of the former Rhone glacier, hence its belonging to the Rhone valley vineyard.
We share a strong link with our landscapes.

Domaine Camp Galhan

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

  Une tradition familiale depuis des siècles Petits-fils et arrières petits-fils de viticulteurs, la famille Pourquier s’est installée au début du siècle dernier sur la commune de Ribaute les Tavernes.

Le domaine se situe au cœur du vignoble du Duché d’Uzès, et trouve ses racines sur d’anciennes terrasses du Gardon, la rivière emblématique des Cévennes. Ce terroir atypique très chaud constitué de gros galets roulés permet une grande maturité des raisins, tout en conservant le potentiel aromatique. De ce terroir sont nées les cuvées Camp-Galhan, des vins aux structures aromatiques, provenant d’une sélection rigoureuse des raisins.

Domaine de Malaïgue

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

Because the earth is lent to us by our children, we choose to grow vine very respectfully towards the nature.

This wine reflects our tastes and a given way to work that is the legacy of eight generations of winemakers.

Domaine de Roux

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

Family owned for several generations the vineyard covers about twenty hectares (fifty acres). The single piece of land vineyard surrounds the Château de Roux.

The vine is planted with noble grapes as Grenache, Syrah or Roussanne.

A short pruning and low yields (an average of 40hl/ha)  as well as a growing environment  friendly help the vine to express fully  its potential.

Domaine Deleuze Rochetin

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The vineyard, first belonged to various families from the Middle-age , then, in 1820, became the property of the Deleuze family.

Gabrielle, Louis Rochetin’s wife, manages it up until the beginning of the past century. Nowadays, her descendants operate the vineyard and welcome you with pleasure.

We’ll receive you as VIP’s, inviting you to just be yourself; the cellar is the temptation room to which no visitor can resist while tasting these wines from the AOP Duché d'Uzès and more generally from the Pays d'Oc available in our cellar.

Domaine des Clos

Hôtel de Charme | AOP Costières de Nîmes

B&B and appartments in Provence et Camargue.

The Domain des Clos is a Provence mansion from the XVIIIth century where you’ll find the friendliness of a B&B and the comfort of a charming hotel. Natives, Sandrine et David Ausset will do their best to help you discovering our nice region.

We’ll welcome you in our farm house combining charm of the past and modern comfort. The original decoration of each room « is singing » the southern colors..

Domaine Natura

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The DOMAINE NATURA is located in Saint Laurent la Vernède,  midieval village 12Km (7.5Mi) to the north from Uzes, our products are issued from our vineyard and our orchards. We’ll be happy to welcome you 7/7 to help you discovering our growing methods our cellar and, of course, the products of our land for a tasting session.

All our fruits are pecked by hand to garrantee you permanent quality year after year because hand pecking allows the optimum sorting thus to select the best fruits.
Being environment friendly is, for us, an integral part of quality. Our environment is the nature so we shall respect and protect it as she addresses the needs that are vital to our operation.

Domaine Saint Firmin

Domaine viticole | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The Duché d'Uzès in « pays d'oc » is a soil producing wines of character....

On the clayey-calcareous, there is a mansion, right in the city center of Uzes. The Domaine Saint- Firmin is the sole private cellar in Uzes. At the heart of the vineyard, taste and enjoy our local wines, raised with an exemplary traceability. 
Throughout three generations, the vineyard is operated by the Blanc family. Independent winemakers, yhr Blanc brothers areDepuis trois générations, le domaine est exploité par la Famille Blanc. Vignerons indépendants, les Frères Blanc ont la passion de la vigne et la fierté d'un terroir. Les vins du Domaine Saint Firmin Duché d'Uzès et IGP pays d'Oc sont élevés dans la tradition des vins du Languedoc-Roussillon.

Ecuries Font Clarette

Loisirs | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The Font Clarette stables invite you to discover a horse farm with carriages in the south of France scrubland...

In the middle of vineyards, in a rustic and unusual place, surrounded with hiking trails you’ll be warmly welcomed in a human scale frame.
Emmanuel Pédeneau offers you to accommodate or clean your horse, or just helps you to discover the horse universe throughout carriage rides as in former times, across the “Uzège”(i.e., the land of Uzes). He will hear your needs to define the proper service to fulfill your expectations. We’re looking forward to see you for relaxing and having fun, simply.

Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï

Parc/Jardin | Duché d'Uzès AOP

Unique in Europe, the garden Arboretum de Bonsaï offers you to discover Japanese natural arts.

In the Gard land mountains (Cevennes), on a terrace land covered with trees, in the fresh shade of centenary pines and oaks, you’ be able to stare at an exceptional collection of more than 70 issued from native species. This is the fruit of 20 years of labor and experiments.
You’ll find there, among some other curiosities, one of the most important European collection of over centenary mountain pines and yews.
The Jardin Arboretum de Bonsaï is also a place for entertainment.

L'atelier du café

Local producer | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The Atelier du Café(coffee workshop) : Craft coffee roasted as in former times according to a traditional method  using the last roaster still operating in France.  This roaster is dating from 1905 and is heated with wood and coal. Find out about our range of 100 % arabica coffees coming from all over the world. Please, feel free to visit our workshop not far off from the Haribo candy museum and around 10mn away from the Pont du Gard.

La Ferme de Cornadel

Restaurant de caractère | Duché d'Uzès AOP

Unique scenery created by Karine Anfosso, deco-designer at « Sud Ambiance »

Each season requires an appropriate comfort: a countryside ambience by the chimney, or a shady terrace under the kiwi trees and a majestic and relaxing view over the Cevennes. Or spring time or autumn you may prefer our terrace facing to the south. A female cooking southern flavored, with natural tastes with rigorist and relevant choices as far as seasonal products, with the commitment to the respect the nature of our region. We cook only poultry from the farm, meats from France, seasoning and wild mushrooms from our land.

La Fleur de Thym

Restaurant de caractère | Duché d'Uzès AOP

If you like the flavors, the colors you can choose from the finest food and presented delicacies.

The card is matched to seasons, to colors, to  tasty nuances.
If you like the scene soft, quiet, suitable for rest, and the sweetness of life.
If you want to spend a wonderful time, if you love discretion, you like to receive your partners and make them happy.
then La Fleur de Thym, is above all your restaurant, your place. Available, you can anticipate  to move in bulk orwith a  baby, everything is provided for your convenience:
A large and covered parking lot for your vehicles, and a wide access, built for disable people.
It is also light and colors. Your restaurant invites you to discover a warm and light atmosphere.

La Vieille Maison

Chambres d'hôtes | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The bed and breakfast is located in a former silk with gentle and well balanced proportions, located away in a small valley, surrounded by vineyards and woods. The house opens a breathtaking view of the Cevennes. Trails invite to walks to discover the rocks and valleys nearby.

Through a long stone arch where each year the swallows come to build their nests of mud, its entrance leads to the covered courtyard. - Here it is good to sit in the shade during the hot summer hours, or enjoy an enchanting candlelit atmosphere of our gourmet night stopover. From here you can access the garden with scrub and orchard, a natural waterfall and pools of fresh water, this is an actual dream location for relaxing on the balcony ... and in the old part of the house. The rooftop terrace offers another spot surrounded by an old Centennial glycine to rest or snack - except in summer season- gourmet dinners.