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La Vieille Maison

Chambres d'hôtes | Duché d'Uzès AOP

The bed and breakfast is located in a former silk with gentle and well balanced proportions, located away in a small valley, surrounded by vineyards and woods. The house opens a breathtaking view of the Cevennes. Trails invite to walks to discover the rocks and valleys nearby.

Through a long stone arch where each year the swallows come to build their nests of mud, its entrance leads to the covered courtyard. - Here it is good to sit in the shade during the hot summer hours, or enjoy an enchanting candlelit atmosphere of our gourmet night stopover. From here you can access the garden with scrub and orchard, a natural waterfall and pools of fresh water, this is an actual dream location for relaxing on the balcony ... and in the old part of the house. The rooftop terrace offers another spot surrounded by an old Centennial glycine to rest or snack - except in summer season- gourmet dinners.


Péniche d'hôtes Hélios

Chambres d'hôtes | AOP Costières de Nîmes

HELIOS is a Luxemotor type Dutch barge.  This 27.96m x 4.36m boat was built in SAPEMEER at the north of Nederland, in 1924.

For years, it carried concrete blocs for building the dams in the region of Amsterdam.

Ater having navigated along the the Dutch canals and lakes, it stoped over in the north-est of France for being converted into a house boat.

In 2006, Natasha and Olivier moored it in Beaucaire on the Rhone to Sète canal and turn it into a host barge.

They welcome you abord this barge, warm inside, and invite you to discover the Provence and Camargue cabins as well as the famous Captain cabin, for a timeless stay!